Cremana Feine Küche

Pure and non-hydrogenated vegetable fat

Cremana Feine Küche is a purely vegetable-based, non-hydrogenated frying and roasting fat that neither splatters nor foams when heated. At high heat, Cremana Feine Küche immediately closes the pores of the item being roasted or fried. This means it remains juicy on the inside and becomes crispy on the outside. Cremana Feine Küche is neutral in taste, bringing out the full flavour of the prepared dishes themselves.

Available in 1 kg bars.

Product features

  • made from purely vegetable-based, non-hydrogenated fats and oils
  • water-free
  • Smoke point > 220°C
  • neutral in taste and odour
  • non-splattering
  • ideal for roasting, frying and for fondues