Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke

Specialist in dietary fats and oils

Our company was founded in 1903. You can read all about our company history here. Find out what products we offer, what missions we act upon, what safety standards we maintain, and what customer focus means to us.

Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke GmbH, based in Hilter near the Teutoburg Forest, can look back on a more than 110-year-old tradition as a manufacturer of high-quality margarine products, cooking fats and oils. We supply our extensive range of products to the domestic market and the European export market.

A high level of quality, customer focus and sustainability determine what we do on a daily basis.

Mission & values

High-quality products and satisfied customers and end users are our goal

High-quality foodstuffs, first-class customer service and sustainable business, this is our mission. Our success is based on the ongoing innovative extension of our range with a focus on different target groups and requirements as well as various areas of application.

High-quality food made from selected raw materials – this philosophy has made us into the specialist for margarine, cooking fats and oils in Germany. We have built on five key pillars in our business and actions: 

Quality management

The highest quality, internationally certified

High-quality raw materials, the careful selection of ingredients and our suppliers, as well as recipes in accordance with the latest nutritional standards – this is how we guarantee a responsible, flawless production method. In the interests of full traceability, each product we produce and supply can be completely traced back to the various suppliers of the individual raw materials within a very short time.

We are certified according to the strict criteria of the International Featured Standard (IFS Food). We achieved the best results in the certificate. The focus of these international standards is on the area of food safety and product quality.

Certified according to 

International Featured Standard (IFS)

If you are interested in our certificates, please get in touch.


Safety First!

We particularly attach great importance to the issue of safety in all our dealings. Whether it’s our employees, our products or our customers, awareness of safety is paramount. The Group-wide “Safety First!“ safety management system was introduced after Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke merged with Bunge in 2008. It includes the five building blocks “People Safety”, “Product Safety”, “Assets Safety”, “Logistics Safety” and “Environmental Safety”. This means we strive to improve the overall safety in our daily business by putting the greatest focus on the safety of our employees, product safety, asset safety, logistics safety and environmental protection.

Ongoing training on proper behaviour in each workplace is a must for us, in order to ensure safe working procedures and avoid accidents. Thanks to a comprehensive work safety programme, we have been able to reduce the number of work accidents with associated lost working time from over ten per year (2005–2008) to less than one per year today.


The manufacture of margarine – a balanced and finely tuned combination of vegetable oils and fats.

Continuous improvement is our mission! Modern production facilities, selected raw materials and efficient processes are the basis for it. A fine balance of vegetable oils and fats is combined and fine-tuned with further ingredients. This means that margarine provides valuable energy and essential nutrients – a significant contribution to a varied, healthy, vegetable-based diet.

The manufacture of our margarines and spreads is done in our modern production facilities under high hygiene standards in a closed process. Valuable rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil and palm oil, as well as fractions thereof, are used.

Composition of a fat phase of various, nutritionally valuable vegetable oils and fats, as well as mostly the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E and flavouring, where necessary.

Construction of a water phase consisting of water, milk components such as yogurt or butter, where necessary, and salt as well as citric acid, where necessary, to maintain an ideal pH level.

Combining the fat and water phase into a water-in-oil-type emulsion.

The emulsion is pasteurised at 85°C and then processed into a homogeneous spread through a special cooling process in the cooling cylinder, the real heart of our margarine production. The margarine is given its typical structure here, the slight shine and pleasant melting texture.

Margarine and edible fats are filled into tubs or rolled into paper/foil (as bars or cubes).