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Walter Rau Retail brands
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Our retail brands

We offer national and international food retailers a diverse selection of products for hot and cold usage. Our retail brands are tailored to the individual needs of consumers. These include our successful Deli Reform, Cremana, Landkost brands and more ...

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Deli Reform Das Original, Deli Reform die feine Brotaufstrich, Landkost Leicht Halbfett Margarine

For great variety and the best quality on bread

From our classic Deli Reform ‘Das Original’ and our light ‘Sommerfrische’ with yogurt flavour to spreads in a cube. Explore the world of our margarines and spreads.

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Deli Reform Zwiebelschmalz and Landkost Schmelzfein

Purely vegetable-based lard and shortening for deep frying and melting – the full-flavoured alternatives

Discover our purely vegetable-based alternatives to animal-derived lard and shortenings for deep frying and melting. Full-flavoured enjoyment with a wide variety of applications – as a spread but also for roasting, baking, cooking and frying.

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Cremana Feine Küche, Landkost Kokosfett

Roasting and frying with high-quality fats

Cremana Feine Küche, Warin or Landkost Kokosfett: our popular edible fats are purely vegetable-based, non-hydrogenated and can withstand high heats. They are neutral in taste and bring out the full flavour of the prepared dishes.

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