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Safety First!

We particularly attach great importance to the issue of safety in all our dealings. Whether it’s our employees, our products or our customers, awareness of safety is paramount. The Group-wide “Safety First!“ safety management system was introduced after Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke merged with Bunge in 2008. It includes the five building blocks “People Safety”, “Product Safety”, “Assets Safety”, “Logistics Safety” and “Environmental Safety”. This means we strive to improve the overall safety in our daily business by putting the greatest focus on the safety of our employees, product safety, asset safety, logistics safety and environmental protection.

Ongoing training on proper behaviour in each workplace is a must for us, in order to ensure safe working procedures and avoid accidents. Thanks to a comprehensive work safety programme, we have been able to reduce the number of work accidents with associated lost working time from over ten per year (2005–2008) to less than one per year today.
  • People Safety

    Staying safe in the workplace

  • Product Safety

    Product safety

  • Assets Safety

    Plant, machinery and
    buildings safety

  • Logistics Safety

    Safety in logistics

  • Environmental Safety

    Environmental protection