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Optima Frying Oil
Product features
  • flavourless & odourless
  • directly usable
  • clean & precise dosage
  • high & multiple heatable
  • rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • pure vegetable, vegan

Optima Frying Oil

Ideal for frying, roasting and fondue

Optima Frying Oil is because of its high-quality vegetable oils very heatable and flavourless, through what the taste of the roasted food can be kept. Because of the liquid consistency, Optima Frying Oil is immediately insertable and the complex melting of a vegetable oil escapes.

It guarantees an ideal tan of, for example fries, shrimps and chicken and it is multifunctional usable – for hearty and sweet dishes and also in the Asian kitchen.

Available in a 2 l bottle