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Deli Reform Einfach Kochen
Product features
  • Optimal roasting –
  • show the ideal temperature for roasting
  • Clean roasting –
  • with anti-spattering effect
  • purely vegetable-based, vegan
  • made from non-hydrogenated oils and fats
  • no preservatives
  • free from lactose
  • free from gluten

Deli Reform Einfach Kochen

The semi-liquid emulsion for cooking

Deli Reform Einfach Kochen is ideal for roasting, cooking, baking and enhancing your meals. It is purely made from vegetable, non-hydrogenated oils and fats and free from lactose and preservatives.

When used for frying it tells you the ideal moment to put the food into the pan - just wait until bubbles disappear. The special formulation of the product with its "anti-spattering effect" keeps workplace much more tidy compared to frying with oil.

Available in 500 ml bottles.