Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke GmbH

Walter Rau Company

Sustainable action means being active together

Sustainable action in an ever-more globalised world requires the active participation of all market players. Only a collaborative and coordinated approach can improve the social, ecological and also economical conditions in the regions from which we source our raw materials or intermediate products for our own manufacture. This is why we, as a Bunge Group company, are an active part in various initiatives.

We want to ensure that we:

  • Can quickly understand and implement all relevant legal regulations
  • Find out what consumers and other stakeholders actually expect, in order to enter into a beneficial and constructive dialogue
  • Are always up to date with process-oriented/technical innovations on sustainable development and can support these developments with our expertise in a targeted manner, where possible
  • Keep up to date with the general issues, requirements and developments in sustainable corporate management and can adapt to them accordingly
  • Keep in constant contact with other market players in order to identify and utilise potential synergies in terms of sustainable development