Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke GmbH

Walter Rau Company

We are committed – to others and to each other

Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke GmbH is built on highly qualified staff who are connected to the company and the region.

Personal responsibility and personal commitment set us apart

Safety First – the company-wide safety management system

Each of us is responsible for the safety of us all

We follow a comprehensive safety management programme, which also includes the safety of our staff at work.

Find out more about our commitment to safety here.

Employee development – young employee with a book

Our employee development as a pillar of success

In order to be able to meet the challenges of the ever-changing business world in the long term, we encourage our employees to take part in internal and external training programmes. The range of topics stretches from general management or corporate issues and training courses on value-oriented leadership to operative topics such as process optimisation and effectiveness. In this context, our employees benefit mainly from our collaboration with the Swiss Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne.

We are a company that never stops learning. We determine the respective need for training each year in a targeted way and support our employees – including financially – to take part in training courses, such as in business management, and professional and master-level business qualifications. Thanks to our international connections, we have the opportunity to exchange best practice within the Group and thus also achieve personal and professional development. In line with our company philosophy, the remuneration of our employees is performance-oriented. Our employees participate in the success of our company. In addition, we offer our employees many voluntary benefits, including a company pension, Christmas bonus, occupational accident insurance, a company restaurant and bistro, ergonomics at work and flu vaccinations.

Company building in a rapeseed field

Our commitment to the region

As a company rooted in the region and existing for over 110 years, Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke has promoted social and cultural interaction in Hilter and the surrounding Osnabrück region for decades with various activities. Included in these social contributions is the targeted promotion of professional training – for example, through financial support to vocational or business schools, as well as the regular support of charitable institutions (Osnabrücker Tafel, nurseries and much more).

Support for Osnabrück Zoo

We also promote regional club activities through donations and sponsoring campaigns, and have a long-term commitment to the Osnabrück Zoo.

Taking global ecological and social responsibility

Find out more about the sustainability projects carried out around the world by Bunge Group employees.

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