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We promote the development of company-wide resource management by already using electricity produced from hydroelectric plants, environmentally friendly consumables and packaging materials as well as certified raw materials.

With the introduction and certification of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001, we incorporated environmental protection in our corporate activities and decisions. This helps to identify opportunities to save more energy and to further develop our environmental protection.

Group-wide resource management

In 2009, Bunge set out Group-wide goals in a multi-year plan, in accordance with which we aim for specific quotas for the reduction of CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste. These goals are in line with the Bunge vision of pursuing its business activities around the world as a fair and environmentally friendly partner. Per tonne of manufactured product, there are the following specific goals:

  • The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 3%
  • The reduction of fresh water consumption by 10%
  • The reduction of the amount of waste volume by 10%

Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke supports the achievement of these objectives with an in-house and company-specific action plan.

Using sustainable resources – sunflower field
  • Green energy
    We have been using electricity that is produced entirely from hydropower, thus producing no CO2 emissions, since 2011.
  • Promotion of in-house environmental awareness
    We don’t just encourage our employees to behave in an environmentally friendly manner, but we also actively support them in doing so and also gather their ideas on the subject. This has lead to tangible savings and to the reduction of waste – for example, through the use of recycled copy paper throughout – the use of energy-saving office equipment or the conscientious use of electrical lighting and other power-consuming devices.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
    We are constantly working to optimise our entire packaging range in terms of environmental friendliness. This means that, besides the key features such as product safety, quality, functionality, handling and transport suitability, the recyclability of all component materials is a mandatory requirement in the selection of the packaging materials we use. The vast majority of the cardboard we use consists of recycled paper.

Certified palm oil – focus on sustainability

Palm oil and the fats derived from it are important raw materials for the manufacture of digestible margarines and cooking fats, if one wants to avoid using hydrogenated fats. The production of palm oil is usually done on plantations in the inner tropics – Malaysia and Indonesia are the world’s largest producers. The environmental and social conditions in the growing regions are of enormous importance for the sustainable production of this raw material.

Since April 2010, we have exclusively used sustainable palm oil or palm fats in our Deli Reform products in accordance with RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) criteria. This is how we support the sustainable production of this important and versatile raw material.

Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke GmbH has been a RSPO member since 2004 and certified as part of the RSPO Supply Chain Certification since 2010. The RSPO is an organisation that designs and sets out criteria for the sustainable cultivation of palm oil as part of a global certification system. The RSPO promotes the increased cultivation of oil palms in accordance with these criteria, as well as the appropriate application of the oils and fats produced according to these criteria.

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Certified according to
TÜV SÜD Umweltmanagement Services; KlimaINVEST Green Concepts; Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

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Taking global ecological and social responsibility

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