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Sustainability is both a social challenge and a responsibility for Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke. The economic perspectives of sustainable business require long-term resource protection and the continuous increase of energy efficiency in order to reduce the number of resources used in the production process. The principle of sustainability also entails the fair treatment of our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and consumers, as well as the best possible protection of our environment.

Our approach to sustainable management is based on the ethical and environmental guidelines of our parent company BUNGE, as well as on our regionally rooted and medium-sized corporate culture of a former family-run business. The complex structures of the international process and supply chains of the food industry represent a major challenge for successful and sustainable corporate management. We see the implementation of a sustainable business model as an ongoing process of continuous improvement that we constantly want to drive forward.

Commitment to ethical principles

As part of the Bunge Group, we follow their ethical principles (code of ethics), which represent a binding framework for all the global dealings of executives and employees of Bunge. Among other things, this „code of ethics” sets out:

  • Guidelines for conflicts of interest
  • Legal compliance
  • Fairness in dealing with employees, customers and business partners
  • Integrity in our daily activities

In addition to the ethical principles, our Bunge corporate governance code specifies comprehensive criteria that prescribe responsible, transparent business policies with integrity.

Environmental policy

With the introduction and certification of an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001, we incorporated environmental protection in our corporate activities and decisions. Find here detailed information about our environmental policy.

Environmental policy Walter Rau Lebensmittelwerke GmbH (PDF, 85 KB)

Taking global ecological and social responsibility

Find out more about the sustainability projects carried out around the world by Bunge Group employees.

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